Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping at the Potato Patch

Once the Arizona heat really starts to set in, it is always nice to head up north and try to escape the heat. We decided to do this the first weekend in June. We went to a camping spot that we found a couple of years ago near Prescott called the Potato Patch. Russ makes camping a breeze as he is the one that gets the gear ready, packs the car, drives to the camping spot, unloads the car, sets up the tent and gets the fire going. (My work comes later, when we get home and I get to wash all the smoky-smelling clothes and every blanket that we own, clean out the cooler, etc.)

Although we didn't really escape the heat, we had a great time roasting hot dogs, S'mores, and the enjoying the great outdoors.

Trent spent most of his time looking for precious stones, whereas Ryan spent every moment looking for firewood and asking if he should add more wood to the fire.

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed up the hill to the Mingus Mountain paraglider and hang glider take-off spot. It was a couple of hours before ideal wind conditions allowed them to take off, but we enjoyed chatting with the brave souls who jumped off the mountain.

When it was time to leave, I went to start the car and get the air-conditioning going. Then Keira had to go potty, so I shut the car door to take her and locked us out with the car running :( All the hang gliders were so nice to search everywhere for a wire hanger to try to jimmy the lock, but no success. We finally called roadside assistance and after about two hours were driving back down the mountain. (This is not the first time I have done that. I do it at least once a summer as our car doors automatically locks when you start the ignition).

We drove home through Jerome, stopped for a sandwich and made it home safe and sound.


Missy said...

So much fun! I can't believe how big those kiddos keep getting. Keira is a doll! Trent and Ryan as handsome as ever. :)

BP Merewether said...

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