Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping at the Potato Patch

Once the Arizona heat really starts to set in, it is always nice to head up north and try to escape the heat. We decided to do this the first weekend in June. We went to a camping spot that we found a couple of years ago near Prescott called the Potato Patch. Russ makes camping a breeze as he is the one that gets the gear ready, packs the car, drives to the camping spot, unloads the car, sets up the tent and gets the fire going. (My work comes later, when we get home and I get to wash all the smoky-smelling clothes and every blanket that we own, clean out the cooler, etc.)

Although we didn't really escape the heat, we had a great time roasting hot dogs, S'mores, and the enjoying the great outdoors.

Trent spent most of his time looking for precious stones, whereas Ryan spent every moment looking for firewood and asking if he should add more wood to the fire.

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed up the hill to the Mingus Mountain paraglider and hang glider take-off spot. It was a couple of hours before ideal wind conditions allowed them to take off, but we enjoyed chatting with the brave souls who jumped off the mountain.

When it was time to leave, I went to start the car and get the air-conditioning going. Then Keira had to go potty, so I shut the car door to take her and locked us out with the car running :( All the hang gliders were so nice to search everywhere for a wire hanger to try to jimmy the lock, but no success. We finally called roadside assistance and after about two hours were driving back down the mountain. (This is not the first time I have done that. I do it at least once a summer as our car doors automatically locks when you start the ignition).

We drove home through Jerome, stopped for a sandwich and made it home safe and sound.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ryan is 5!

Ryan turned 5 years old on April 6, 2010. His cousin, Lexi, was here from California to help celebrate his birthday; and he had a "Friend Party" at the park by his pre-school. They played tag in the sand, had relay races and then opened presents and chocolate cake that Ryan helped to decorate.

Ryan has loved attending pre-school the past year. He makes friends so easily, and he always has a big smile on his face. He still loves to tease, but he is also the most thoughtful, caring big brother Keira could ever ask for.

Ryan likes to play Wii sports - especially boxing, play spies and dress-up, play Bakugans, swim, help mom cook, and ride his two-wheeled bike. He asked me to also mention that he does NOT like to clean.

Ryan brings so much fun and laughter to our family - we are so grateful he is ours.

We love you Ry-Ry!

Lexi's Visit

My niece, Lexi, got to come and stay with us while her parents went to look for a new home in Kentucky. We had so much fun playing with her at the park, at the splash pad, and we were so glad that she was here to help celebrate Ryan's birthday.

We love you Lexi!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Hate Homework!

One of Trent's assignments was to write 5 sentences, each one containing one of his spelling words. This is one of the mundane tasks that Trent dislikes. He decided instead to interview his younger brother, Ryan, and write a paragraph about him as well as illustrate what he wrote about. I submitted the homework at the end of the week and asked his teacher if she would accept that instead (as I thought it was much more innovative than simply writing 5 sentences). She happily accepted it and said that we could tailor Trent's assignments as needed to motivate him to complete it.

Happy Birthday Trent

Trent turned 7 years old on February 16, 2010. Since his birthday was during the 2010 Winter Olympics, we decided to have an Olypmic-themed birthday party. We had an Athlete check-in table where each athlete chose a country to represent. They colored their country's flag for the Parade of Nations. Then we had sack races, egg-in-the-spoon races, and a tug-of-war that was seriously intense!

Trent has grown up so much over the last year. He is an excellent reader, and tested into the Gifted and Talented program at school. He has worked hard to improve his penmanship and his teacher said his writing skills have improved immensely.

Trent likes to play with his friends, ride his bike, play Wii Sports, and said that he likes when I teach him to cook.

Trent is a wonderful, amazing boy, and we are so glad that he is in our family. We love you, Trent!

Snow Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keira Turns 2

Our baby girl turned 2 on Tuesday. She has learned early to spread the birthday fun out over as many days as possible. On Sunday, we had Robin, Justin and Shelby over for a birthday dinner and cake and ice cream.

On Monday, we let Trent skip school and go on a 'Family Field Trip' to the zoo. Roxie and Brody went too, and Roxie had the brilliant idea of riding our bikes around the zoo. I borrowed a green bike with a baby seat, Roxie has a green bike with a baby seat and Trent and Ryan had their green bikes, and we cruised around the zoo enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful animals. That is the BEST way to see the zoo!

On Tuesday, Keira woke up to a brand new (for her) bike! She has been wanting a bike for a long time as she always has to sit in the stroller on the way to the park and watch Trent and Ryan ride their bikes. She was really excited about it and hopped right on (with Ryan's help). Then we went for a run with Keira in the jogging stroller; and after we picked up Ryan from pre-school, we had Tracy, Jerrett and Jeremiah over for lunch and more cake.

At age 2, Keira can:

- Say lots of words

- Climb the monkey bars at the park

- Get her daddy to do just about anything for her

- Get her brothers to do just about anything for her

- Hold her own jumping on the trampoline with her brothers

- Go to nursery all by herself

- Get out of her crib (or our bed) all by herself in the morning

- Close the garage when we go for our runs

- Help mom cook and clean and fold laundry

She likes:

- Anything Sweet (one of her first words were "de dough", meaning "cookie dough")

- Her Daddy and Brothers

- Her aunts, uncles and cousins

- Jumping on the trampoline

- Going to the park

- Sleeping with mom in her bed at night

- To be a helper and a peacemaker

We are so grateful that Keira came to join our family. We love you, Keira!